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There are many ways to help!

Though we welcome donations and they enable us to try outreach methods that require funds, there are many ways you can meanigfully help us!
Volunteers can help us immensely by joining us on door knocking campaign, engaging in community outreach, and contributing innovative campaign ideas (ways to reach out community at low cost).
Host a gathering introducing your neighbors, friends, and community where they can meet and speak with Simone Collins personally.
Invite Simone to speak with organizations, churches, clubs, and other community organizations who would like ti share their imput and learn more about Simone's goals.

Positive Change is Powered by Donors Like You

Our goal isn't to raise loads of money, but rather raise just enough to reach out local community, empower them to vote, and help them make an informed decision this next election cycle. Your contribution is meant to catalyze meaningful change, not support a political career.
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