Simone Collins


Having seen progressive policies destroy my childhood community, I'm determined to protect and foster our district's vibrancy by defending its sovereignty and fostering innovation.

Simone Collins

Hello, friends!

I’m a mother of three (four in April!), adoring wife, and—in consort with my husband Malcolm—an author, entrepreneur, and activist. Having grown up in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, I saw how progressive policy tore our community apart and am determined to defend my chosen community—and the state of PA—from a similar fate, all while putting it on the map for families and businesses alike.

Master's in Technology Policy (business undergrad)

Proud wife, mother, and Pennsylvanian

Leading global advocate for family-friendly policy

Entrepreneur, Author, Nonprofit Leader

What I Stand ForSovereignty. Community. Innovation.


Improved Government Services; Elimited Bureaucratic Bloat

Governmental services can be improved at the same time government spending is reduced by simply eliminating bureaucratic bloat and leveraging automation and AI. Not only does doing so reduce citizens' tax burdens and improve their overall quality of life, but it also draws in investment and businesses that specialize in AI and automation. Let's make PA a hub for innovative government!

School Choice and Education Innovation

School choice helps all students and schools by fostering competition and encouraging innovation. We believe money should follow the student, regardless of whether that student attends public school, a charter school, a private school, or homeschool and will push for and support policies moving us closer to universal ESAs.

Empowering Families and Local Communities

As leading international advocates for pronatlism, we fight for policies and initiatives that empower and support families. That said, our activism doesn't stop at policies that support only parents and children, as grandparents and extended families play a crucial role in human flourishing and community health. The more families are empowered and supported to thrive and help each other, the stronger and more vibrant local communities will become.

Transparency, Action, and Innovation

Local, state, and federal government is in desperate need of innovation, disruption, and greater transparency. In addition to pushing for the elimination of bureaucratic bloat and improvement of government services through autoamtion and AI, we will fight for accountability and citizen empowerment with regard to PA's governmental functions.

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