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Simone Interviewed by Louise Perry on Maiden Mother Matriarch

Spectator journalist and author of┬áThe Case Against the Sexual Revoluion Louise Perry interviewed Simone Collins for her podcast Maiden Mother Matriarch on the subject of family policy. What we’re trying to prevent is something close to a cultural monoculture in the future. You can watch the full interview on YouTube or listen to the podcast...

Simone & Malcolm on Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan Uncensored invited Simone and Malcolm to come on and speak about demographic collapse, pronatalism, and the implications of a hard landing on demographic collapse (a scenario in which cities, states, and nations experience a steep decline in population wtihout preparation or planning). The whole reason why we’re advocates in this entire space is...

Simone & Malcolm in The Telegraph

The Telegraph covered Simone and Malcolm Collins’ pronatalist advocacy work with a cover feature in Telegraph Magazine. Virtually every developed nation is now below replacement rate, and the United Nations predicts that the global average will sink below that line around 2056. By 2100 only seven countries are projected to remain above 2.1, mostly in...
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